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Offshore Pipeline Transportation

By Providing Cargo Barge

Providing Cargo Barge for Pipeline Transportation shall be comply with project's owner MWS (Marine Warranty Surveyor). The Barge and Tug Boat shall be addequete and match with the minimum requirements procedure from the project owner. We shall close out all deficeinecy lists after MWS inspection and the euqipements requirements will be provided.

We can provide not only general cargo barge, but barge with deck strength requirements, ballastable with sea water, and backup towing equipments as per high standard offshore safety practice.

Barge we can provide from 180 feet, 250 feet, 280 feet, and 330 feet Flat Top Barge with deck strength from 6 ton/sqm, 10 ton/sqm, 15 ton/sqm, and 20 ton/sqm. All barges are Indonesia Flag. 

Heavy Cargo Transportation

Complete Engineering Transportation

Tranporting over-dimensional cargo is a tailor made. We shall know where the cargo CoG, lashing points, lifting points, and all aspects needed for safety transportation like simulation of the cargo stability during travelling, securing design and calculation, manouvering plan, and route plan.

In Heavy Cargo Transportation we are complety have all the equiments i.e. portable ramp bridge 12-14 meter, portable water pumps for barge ballast/de-ballasting works, lashing materials, transport support beam, elephant legs, stools, concrete blocks, steel plates, and hydraulic jacks for sliding or jacking.

We can deliver your heavy cargo until your final faoundation including tools for leveling with accuracy until 1mm.

Jacking & Weighing Works

Currently the only one in Indonesia 

Newly constructed offshore platforms required in the BD Field Madura Offshore require weighing once fully erected. In order to determine the location of the lifting points to ensure the lifting gears are positioned accurately for a stable lifting operation, which allows the module to be craned into the water and floated to it's final location. 

The 750Te module was weighed using 8 No 200 & 500 Te jacks which had a compression load included in the assembly to continually monitor the load. The jacks were connected to a synchronised control system which ensured the module was lifted evenly within +/- 1mm tolerance. Once the module is weighed 3 times the weight can be determined, also the centre of gravity to be calculated for the module.

Bridge Construction

Our last project for Bridge Construction was in Jembatan Merah Putih Ambon, the longest cable stayed bridge in East Indonesia. Lifting the Bridge Girders step by step using 4 nos Strand Jack 200 Tons and 4 nos Strand Jack 150 Tons.

Strand Jacks Lifting

A strand jack is a hollow hydraulic cylinder with a set of steel cables (the "strands") passing through the open centre, each one passing through two clamps - one mounted to either end of the cylinder. Strandjacks can offer advantage in case there is a lack of space on the assembly site. 

Load Cell for Weighing


Compression type load cells are used for reading the actual loads or forces being exerted on or within your equipment. We have 8 (eight) unit loadcell with capacity 250 tons each. Calibrated and error reading at 0.5%. 

A load cell is a transducer that is used to create an electrical signal whose magnitude is directly proportional to the force being measured. Applicable for weighing offshore module before lifting, to find respective force in order to gain the module COG, and for measuring weight of tank, silos, or measuring a compressive force.

Skidding System

125 Tons Skid Beam & 250 Tons Skid Shoes

Enerpac skidding systems are comprised of a series of skid shoes powered by hydraulic push-pull cylinders, traveling over a pre-constructed track, monitored by SCC control. Taking technology used in the construction of the ancient pyramids and applying high-pressure hydraulics and computer controls is what you will find with the Enerpac HSK-Series skidding system. 

The system is comprised of a series of skid-shoes, powered by hydraulic push-pull cylinders, which travel over a pre-constructed, computer-controlled track to monitor and keep everything in proper position. Enerpac compensated skidding systems are applied for heavy structure 'load-outs', common in off-shore construction e.g. the load-out of an oil rig's topside, power generation transformer installation and heavy machine moving. 

This system is available in three versions: HSK1250 capacity 125 ton per skid unit and HSK2500 capacity 250 ton per skid unit.

Modular Multi-Axle Trailer

Modular trailer is a kind of hydraulic multi axle trailer, also called hydraulic platform trailer powered by their own power pack, or push/pull by prime movers. The trailer consists of hydraulic cylinder suspension, high tensile steel frame, power pack (diesel engine), hydraulic and mechanical steering system. Main application is for long distance road transport of oversized and abnormal load equipment. Each hydraulic trailer module could be connected end by end (longitudinal combination) and side by side (transversal combination), to finish various tough and enormous transport job mechanical suspension trailer (conventional) can not make it. The trailer also can be connected with tow bar as full trailer and hydraulic gooseneck as semi trailer to adapt different uses.

We can provide SPMT (Self Powered Modular Trailer) for Roll-On/Roll-Off operation, Loadout, or offloading very heavy modules.

Complete Loadout Contractor

Local Indonesian Partner

As a loaout contractor for heavy and large module in Indonesia, our compnay offer complete services i.e. weighing, preparing the procedures, providing skidding system 125 ton up to 250 tons per skid shoe, or using Modular Transport using Multi-Axle Trailer. We have pumps for Barge Ballast-Deballasting works to maintain the barge list and trim, and we also can provide offshore flat top barge from size 180 feet until 330 feet. The service as loadout contractor is including transportation engineering, job risk analysis, rigging equipments i.e. mooring equipment, lashing materials, sea fastening design, and stability analaysis including transportation strength check which required by project owner's MWS. We have experience in loadout or offload the module as well as the barge beaching position or alongside position.  

Strand Jacks

How is it more effective than using a crane?

For lifting a large load of say 180 Tons a 350 Ton crane is required. A 350 Ton crane with all its accessories can weigh around 250 Tons. Mobilizing and de-mobilizing the crane, assembling the booms, having trained operators all are logistic headaches. Added to this, positioning the crane in restricted areas can also lead to very great difficulties. On the other hand the jack itself is much smaller equipment weighing only around 4 tons. It operates on the normal electric supply system. Even one operator can control the entire operation. The existing structures can be used to support the jack, or in other cases a temporary support system can be used. All these weigh considerably less than the crane. This makes the installation and use of the Strand Jack much easier.

Air Freight Charter

Transporting heavy and outsized cargo is a challenging procedure which requires skill and expertise. By applying our detailed knowledge of cargo aircraft volumes and loading abilities, Indonesia Project Logistics can arrange heavy and outsize cargo to be transported with the minimum of effort. 

Past cargoes include: Oil industry equipment, Power station parts, Aircraft Engines, Engineering constructions, Marine Diesel engines, Satellite and communications equipment, Vehicle transportation, including boats, helicopters and aircraft parts.

Indonesia Projects Logistics has considerable expertise in arranging charters to destinations that are difficult or impossible to reach by scheduled services, whether that be simply an isolated location or a disaster environment. We have a comprehensive knowledge of appropriate operators to enter such regions and have an unrivalled network of contacts for permits and documentation. We can deliver essential items such as: Humanitarian Aid, Vehicles and helicopters, Mail deliveries,  Industrial materials, Consumer goods, Camp supplies.

Indonesia Project Logistics deals with companies from a wide range of industries and we pride ourselves on knowing the exact requirements of each sector. Our account managers specialize in providing charter solutions for a specific industry. Whether you are arranging crew rotations for an oil & gas company, or are a relief agency moving urgent aid, Indonesia Project Logistics will havemanager with the experience required. 

We have worked with some of the world’s largest freight forwarders over the last 10 years and will always find the right aircraft for the job, whether it be a transcontinental Antonov 124 to move a large generator or Hercules C-130 to deliver urgent car parts to Indonesia remore are. Our company also offers a full range of options to aid logistics suppliers in shipping their consignments. We can offer charters to transport Heavy or outsized cargo, Urgent shipments, Large single shipments,  Dangerous Goods, or Charters to remote locations in Indonesia.

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